I am a valuer. Non real estate. (mostly).

30 years experience with property, plant & equipment, machinery, building services, infrastructure, institutional and government assets.

Large scale multi location valuation projects for all purposes including insurance and financial reporting (Fair Value).

Significant assignments in all sectors complying with IVSC, AASB, TPP, IFRS, IAS, API, ANZVGP, ASA, USPAP, GAAP.

Degree qualified engineer, strong attention to detail, high calibre work provided across diverse fields:

Public/civil assets & infrastructure
Retail, hospitality, education, government
Manufacturing & production
Health care, medical, pharmaceutical
Rail, marine, aviation
Mining, agriculture
Sports & recreation
Prisons, data centres
Mass appraisals, inventory appraisals, cost surveys

Accredited Senior Appraiser – American Society of Appraisers Australia chapter – MTS Mechanical & Technical Specialities: aircraft, computers and high-tech personal property, cost surveys, industrials, machinery & equipment, marine survey, mines & quarries, oil & Gas, public utilities.

$30b of assets valued.
From a waste paper basket – to a road network. (and some classified stuff)

Garry Horsnell ASA, B.Sc. (Hons)
Plant & Equipment Asset Valuer | Accredited Senior Appraiser
0403 040 140