A live asset register

.. is an asset register that is kept up to date, in real time – that is, as and when required.

Distinct from a financial asset register which contains rolled up entries and other abstract line items, a register of physical assets should be kept live and maintained as often as profit & loss and cashflow statements.

A Live Asset Register adds further value by also covering the following bases:
✤ A foundation for accurate valuations
✤ Tax Depreciation
✤ Sinking Fund Forecasting
✤ Maintenance Planning
✤ Pre Purchase Feasibility
✤ Cost Segregation
✤ Lifecycle Costing
✤ Purchase Price Allocation
✤ Due Diligence
✤ Condition Based Asset Strategy
✤ Property Assessment
✤ Shared Facility & Strata Apportioning
✤ Condition Audit
✤ Facility Condition Index
✤ Dilapidation
✤ Defect Inspection
✤ Capital Allowances

At the end of the financial year, send your live asset register to your accountant for instant, high definition accuracy and optimised depreciation calculations.

The additional value that can be added to sinking fund forecasting, maintenance planning etc will continue to pay dividends.

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A live asset register is an investment.

For more information visit garryhorsnell.com.au

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