Client Feedback


“Hi Garry,
Just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for the valuation report on the xxxx. The data has been incorporated into our xxxx commercial strategy and shared with our senior team in the US. It has also helped us refine our strategy for the xxxx.
Your approach has been very proactive and professional. I had a real sense that you were keen to give this activity as much attention and detail as possible and this has come through clearly in the report.”  Martin (mining)

“Thank you for your report & for all the work you have done in preparing it. Please send me your account and I will ensure it is settled without delay”.  I would like you to know that we are very appreciative of your effort & for your meeting the timeframe.  Stuart (marine)

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you SO MUCH for the incredible, diligent, thorough, and professional manner in which you have carried out this project”.  Ken (asset management)

“thanks so much for your help on this.. a very good outcome, and having the valuation was a big help”.  Rob (liquidation)

“Dear Garry, You are the best at this game and all is on that report just the way it should be. Thanks for all the efforts”.  Leslie (engineering)

“ are one of the most diligent members that I’ve ever worked with. This is EXCEPTIONAL and thorough.. ..Thank you VERY much.. …you’ve done a fabulous job. Just brilliant!!!”.  Luke (business owner/board)

“Thank you very much for getting this done so quickly”.  Thomas (food processing industry)

“xxxxx said our work was the single biggest contributing factor to xxxxx successful negotiation of the deal and xxxxx lawyers said the same – no faint praise so well done”.  Kieth (construction/litigation)

“You are a god! Thank you so very much. Please send you account through and I will get it fixed up straight away for you. Thanks so much again for your assistance and prompt attention”.  Catherine (strata/plant & equipment)



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